Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunny Day at Community Festival + Chocomint order

My mom's class is having a performance at this local festival and wanted me and Sharon to be there. It was supposed to be at 12am but then got moved to 11:20 , which is too early for me :/ . So I ended up having only half an hour to get ready ...

It wasnt all that interesting there, but I got free cookie and drink :D. Free food always tastes better LOL

Most of the activities there are for little kids, I also wasnt all that interested in talking to strangers so me and my sister just went off and take a ton of photos to kill time.

Saying that though there was 1 interesting performance  , this caucasian young man wrote a poem titled ''Cafe Sua Da'' - > ''Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee''. Its funny to me since Im Vietnamese, and I love Viet coffee XD

Chocomint ring <3
It was a very sunny day so perfect for usage of flash photography :D. Usually I hate flash but under the sun it looks very nice

Flower was borrowed from performers and my hair accessory is my baby sister haha, i got it for her at Disney store >w<
Sharon and me
Sharon and me
I love big accessories
And here's a family photo,  horrible lighting but it was the only shot with all of us >.>.  Isnt my baby sister super cute :D <3 ? She's only 4yrs old but she's a baby :3.
My mom is wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress called "ao dai".

Afterward we all went for lunch at a Japanese restaurant near my place. This place is run by Japanese people so the food quality is quite good .
I only took one photo of the food though.

The last thing I want to show is my first order from Chocomint. It was a very pleasant experience, the shop staff speaks English and was really friendly and helpful. One of my item was out of stock and they let me add in another item to replace it :D. Also they marked my package as ''Gift'' to make sure I dont have to pay for custom, without me even asking for it ^^.
Overall I definitely recommend their store if you want good quality accessories with affordable price

I absolutely adore this ring ever since I saw it on Tumblr. Was a bit expensive though totally worth it ;)

I wish they still had this ring in Pink though, Lavender is nice too but Pink would matches my clothes better

That's all for now. Until next time when im feeling not lazy again XD <3 <3


  1. OMG those accesories where insanely cute i adore it, and I truly love you`re 1st pic. Kisses

  2. Your and your sister's outfits look amazing! It's really cute that you guys have matching shoes XD

  3. MarjoleinHoekendijkAugust 2, 2011 at 6:17 AM

    You look totally adorable ! <33


  4. Waaa so cute!! *o* And your accesories are love!!

  5. Omy! Are you Vietnamese? The hair looks gorgeous! The accessories are so freaking pretty! And I luv every piece!