Monday, August 8, 2011

21 Birthday

So I turned 21st last month :D . It's a bit sad though, one year older *sigh*.

I kind of planned everything last minute, only started inviting people 2 weeks prior to the actual date. Reason being I had no idea where to hold the party at, and in the end I ended up having it at my workplace Adonia teahouse ^^''.

It's a bit like a tradition, I always have a tea party for my birthday :). This year is a bit different, I don't have 20+ guests anymore, since I tried to keep the attendants to only close friends/people I actually talk to often.

I had intended to wake up early that day to go to my hair dresser - also my friend, Viki's salon to get my oil treatment done, but no alarm had to screw up and I ended up waking up at 10 instead of 8:30 =_=. Though it makes sense may be I turned it off half asleep, I did stay up til 5am doing my nails orz

Eventually i managed to get my hair done and everything and make it out to my party , only half an hour late ... guys i'm sorry DX. Now you all know i'm a terrible person at being on time ...

The first location was Nikkoffee, it's a maid cafe . The interior is really cute and French looking but the food is only so so. And it's always empty when I go there, wonder how do they even manage it .__.''

We had some late lunch there , here're some of the food ^^~

My sister, Sharon, also wear cream color outfit that day <3

Me and my best friend, Galina

It's a good thing that the cafe was empty that day as well, so we werent bothering anyone with our photo taking X)

Moonlight Night JSK - Metamorphose
DreamV Heels
Notice the note says ''Do not Touch'' LOL

Afterward we had some spare time before our reservation at Adonia, so we headed to Parker place for some Purikura. They have the big eye machine there haha.

Only the girls participated of course :D.

I chose to have reservation at 4:30 pm since Adonia can be very busy on a weekend, and I dont want too much attention + bother other customers. Here's how my workplace look like, pretty isnt it? We serve afternoon tea here

My boss gave me this tea cup as a present, along with a couple accessories . She's so nice QwQ <3<3

Our famous scones *yum*

I did my own nails ^^~. Do you like it?
We did take a few group shots but all of them turned out horrible, each photo at least 1 of us moved or blurry D; . So sorry i cant upload them here for you guys :(

Here's my most favorite present I received, my good friend Kou (who refuses to be pictured) made the box to match with my outfit <3.  Insides are Urban Decay eyelash primer, Nars Super Orgasm blush (lol) and L'oreal hair mask. I wanted those cosmetic lonnnngggg time ago but they are a bit pricey, I was surprised she got me all that considering she's still in school and doesnt have a job QAQ. Such a nice friend she is .

If you follow my Deviantart, she also photographed some of my works there :D

Cream and Gold <3<3<3
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  1. Wow, your workplace really matches you! So glad you get to work at such a pretty workplace. Your outfits and purikura look great! ^_^

  2. Wow happy Birthday!!! : D : D : D Hehehe I live near you!!! Hahaha Can you tell me the adress of the maid cafe and your workpalce please! I would love to visit!

  3. Really? Where do you live?

    The cafe is near Richmond Centre, and my workplace is in Kerrisdale. U can just google they will pop up :D

  4. aww happy B-daii!! n.n you look so pretty *o* !! <3 

  5. I want too T~T ! <3