Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I need your help - KAWAII.I Fashion Coordinate Contest

Hi all
Just a quick post to ask everyone a BIG favor  image
I'm not sure if everyone knows about this page called ”Kawaii.i” on Facebook. They focus on Japanese fashion, including both mainstream and sub fashion genres.
Recently they started a Fashion Coordinate contest, with the grand prize of $300 worth of fashion goods, and I of course participated >x<

The outfit I chose is my most favorite dress and imo the best one I own, its Victorian Rose by Angelic Pretty. Besides the parasol which is Baby the Stars Shine Bright everything else is off brand. Im going for the Hime Lolita look, which is the lolita style I like best :)

Right now it’s at the Public Vote phase, so I would like to ask if you guys have some spare time and wouldnt mind helping me, to go and vote for me HERE  

Every vote is greatly appreciated, and if you can kindly spread the word around it would be so awesome ;w;♥♥♥
Thanks for your time reading this image

P/S : Next Post will be about my 21st Birthday , stay tune  


  1. voted for you dear <3 your on top! good luck!! :D

  2. I voted for you love! I hope you win, best of luck! *^^*

  3. Good luck! I hope you win =3