Thursday, July 7, 2011

Green Lantern + The Adventure in Fairmont Hotel

I haven't seen Galina for so long, because she's always busy with school =_=. It was Tuesday and it can only means half off movie night at Cineplex 8D. There wasnt any good movie around that time (since i already seen all the good ones haha), so even though i know Green Lantern's poor rating we decided on that. Gotta show support for a Vancouver actor :P

Started off the day i went to meet with her at Lansdowne as Galina wanted to show me some sales. I dont really go to that mall since it's not that interesting to me, but I manages to get a cute Bunny Ring
Bunny = Me ; Cat = Galina

We then headed downtown to wander around before movie time. That day was the first time i've been to Vancouver Downtown after the Riot. Everything seems back to normal except for some shop's windows being boarded up. Poor Coach and LV stores :(
I dont really go into expensive brand stores normally, they dont suit my taste anyway but we had time to kill so we went inside Fairmont Hotel to check out some stores. For some dumb reasons we went inside the elevator (the door was opened ok D;) and didnt realize you need a card to use it, until a lady stepped in right after us and close the door before we could escape (uh oh).
It was very embarrassing, there's obviously no stairs down, so the floor staffs had to activate the elevator to let us down the lobby QAQ. NEVER AGAIN
Downstair of Fairmont there're some service stores, such as this shoe repair service. At first i thought it was part of their display - this antique looking chair- but it was a real service, however the person working there is on break. 

Dress: Liz Lisa
Shoes: DreamV
And there's this wedding service store, the display is gorgeous ;w; I want my house to look like this 

Chandelier ;w;

Afterward we bought our movie tix, then wander aimlessly to get late lunch.I absolutely love the outside display of the Cupcake Shop. This one is Marie Antoinette theme <3<3
Cupcake hair >w< <3

 They also used the famous Marie's quote let them eat cake at the front door LOL

First time eating from this place, its a trailer bus (?) that apparently quite popular. We both got the same Chicken Sandwich. It was funny i think the guys who work there acted nicer toward us girls - offer to wrap up the food, showed us where to get topping and stuffs - while to other guys they just gave them their food
It was some good sandwich, packed with lotsa meat and mushroom <3

We also went to a Japanese super market to get drink. Bought Aloe Vera drink to match ''Green Lantern'' ;D

The movie itself was very MEH but i already knew so didnt expect anything. Good visual effect though

To end of the day we stopped at English Bay to get half off at Marble Slab using our movie tix as coupon YAY . First time eating there , i quite like it :D
Mine = Rasberry Cheese Cake on Dark Chocolate  cone, Galina's =  Macha Coconut
End entry with beautiful English Bay :D


  1. agree, went to watch green lantern but it was just... max satisfactory. Too cheesy. Aaa cupcakes, i usually grab one after work lol xD

  2. カワイイです

  3. MarjoleinHoekendijkJuly 21, 2011 at 1:45 AM

    Love the chandelier!