Sunday, January 16, 2011

A day out and Tangled

I supposed to be up early to go with my mom (+her class) and my sis, Sharon, to the Ginger Bread House display at Hijack hotel , but ended up meeting up with them late since i wanted to try out something new with my hair. Also just got my hair lightened a few days before that 8D. No more ugly gradient yea ~
There arent that many gyaru/hime hair tutorials on youtube, but i found and got recommended some good ones, after much replayed and experiments, i think my result that day is quite a success.

Sharon's hair and makeup. Sometimes i really hate how her skin is super smooth and almost flawless >''>. Whyyy we are sister why dont i get the good genes too DX *shot*

I swear everytime when the camera snaps my little sis's expression changes, its so hard to capture her smile, she looks much cuter smilling

 Full body shot showing our matching outfit ^^.
Funny story, when i was standing a bit away from Sharon to take my mom's photos, a guy apparently  walked by saw me, and passed my sister, stop, walked back to stare at me then stare at Sharon LOL.  Double checked to confirm he wasnt seeing thing i suppose, though we did had different hairdo

Im quite used to being stared at by people, even sometimes rude comments, but none as irritating as this one. 2 white guys, walked by me and Sharon, one of them went" Ugh gross" to my face and as he kept on walking away sometimes he would turn back at us and make yuke sounds. I was so pissed i yelled after him "F*CK YOU". I dont usually swear in public, and not loudly either, but that guy deserved it. I mean, we dressed very proper and cover up, sure the style isnt that common here so attracting attention is normal, and not everyone is open to different look, but it sure isnt that disgusting to be insulted like that.

After wandering around Pacific Centre for a while just window shopping, we parted with our mother and little sis to go to Metro town. Goal was to watch ''Tangled'', i wasnt super interested in it but it was half price Tuesday anyway.While waiting for Jose, Sharon's bf to come join us, we went around Metro to take pic with Christmas decoration there, and also to the usual purikura booth to camwhore XD. Nothing beat the lighting in there :3

We also saw the  Ferrero  Christmas tree , if only it was made out of the real chocolates 8'(. But looking good anyway, gold is my favorite color <3

''Tangled'' was an ok movie imo, its funny at parts, i like the horse , would like one to be my bodyguard XD. Still, being a Disney movie i still get the feeling its a movie for kids/young teen, so wasnt my thing. I would rather have seen ''Saw'', no matter how suck it is , just because it in 3D and my past experience with Final Destination 3D had been AWESOME. 3D gore OMG *__*

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas charity event

December 7th

My mom participated in a dance act for a local Christmas charity event with her friends,  so me , my sister Sharon and Jose her boyfriend are invited to come.

Ive just moved in with them on Dec 4th, after a fight with fucking stepdad. It is him that made living in that house unbearable for me, so it is a relief i finally have a legit reason to leave that place. Though i do miss my mom and little sister , i wished they could come with me 8'(

I spent time doing my hair, trying out new things, but because we were rushing against time i couldnt take a photo before leaving the house. And alas it had to rain that day, so obviously my hair was ruined. I swear everytime it has to rain AFTER i went outside B[ so, no umbrella, had to block the rain with my handbag the whole time when we walked from the parking spot to the venue, my arms went numb after holding it up over my head for a long time.

Thanks to my mom being late, we couldnt get a seat, so yay, standing the whole night with nothing to do. The food they provided were ... so so, i would say horrible but it was free =A=''

Some photos from that day

My new boots XD

My sister Sharon :3

 Outfit pic, i love this washroom so much so many full body mirror with such nice layout *A* <3

With my family :) (minus that random little kid in pink outfit >B[ )