Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival

Hello everyone.
It's been a long time since I last updated, and I apologize for that. My laptop broke down for a couple months, and I just got it fixed not too long ago. Also I was busy with work and to be honest quite lazy when it comes to editing photos (⌒_⌒;)

Recently I just quit working at Adonia tea house (I do have another job though) so I have more free time. so here I am attempting to revive this dead blog. I do update more often on tumblr and Facebook though, feel free to follow/add me there (`・ω・´)”

It's a tradition festival in Vancouver that each year around the time of cherry blossoming, there'd be a 2 days festival at Van Dusen garden. This year is the first time me and my sister Sharon attending it,  we only went on the first day.

Here's us when we were in line to purchase ticket

Unfortunately, the flowers arent in full bloom. So this is the only shot I have with them (T▽T)

JSK: Metamorphose
Blouse: Mmangel
Tights: Secret Shop
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Headband: Baby the stars shine bright
And here's my sister's outfit that day
JSK: Innocent World
Blouse: Dear Celine
Shoes: Liz Lisa

Since the festival majorly focusing on Japanese couture, there was a lot of traditional performance and vendors selling products/food. I was expecting to see some familiar faces of people in the anime/lolita community but to my surprise, we were the only dressed up people there (traditional Japanese clothing doesnt count).
So naturally we attracted a huge amount of attention. The requests for photos were nonstop, we couldn't stop to take a photo by ourselves without a big crowd gathering around.
It's flattering people find us pretty looking, but it's also annoying to a certain level. Like when we posed for our own photos people just snap without asking, and its awkward to pose when so many eyes are fixed on you (/ω\). Another example is when we sat down to eat and chose a more secluded place with our back turned against, people still asking for photo. I find it very rude to disrupt another while they eat (-_-)

Aside from that, I had a lot of fun and was very happy with the positive treatment from everyone. A lot of little kids asked their parents if we were princesses (´ω`★). Some thought we were part of the staffs, well I supposed we acted the part as one of the entertainer of the festival ʘ‿ʘ

I also met some interesting people, like this photographer Mark Montgomery who worked for the festival and took some nice shots of us, also a very friendly person. One of the shot make it to the front page of a small online Japan newsletter in Vancouver  (^_^) ->  CLICK TO VIEW

A wonderful shot Mark took of us

We were also approached by one of the organizers of Electro Swing Club Vancouver, and he asked us to be a part of their upcoming event Electro Tea Party . So if you are in Vancouver make sure to make some time for the party, its theme is Alice in Wonderland. You won't miss us as we will be at the front door to greet guests at the beginning of the party ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

On to more of the festival, some photos pf the performance, courtesy of  Mark. He has huge zoom camera lenses, also is more pro than us so of course photos are nicer looking lol
Drum performance
LOL classic shoujo art style
One of the few people in kimonos that day, I love the girl's kimono, so pretty (‘∀’●)♡
Takoyaki flipping in action.
I feel it's necessary to include this, we missed out on the yumminess due to the longass lineup (;≧皿≦)
There weren't a ton of food vendors, so they are all packed with long lineups( TДT).

Cute Macarons <3

Attempting to out cute the macarons. FAILED

That was it from me from the festival. Thanks for reading (✿◠‿◠)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

''Don't be Afraid of the Dark'' - Movie night out with Tamie

As a hardcore horror fan, I was super excited about Guillermo del Toro latest horror movie ''Don't be Afraid of the Dark". There's no question about him being an amazing director/scrip writer, I also had high expectation since it's an adaption of a classic ABC tv show. Haunted houses is one of my top favorite genre as well XD

However not many of my friends are into the genre, the few that do dont want to spend on going to movie TT^TT so I usually ended up torrenting when the Dvd rip comes out (le gasp illegal). 
So, I was beyond happy that my new lolita/hime friend Tamie is one of my kind X3 (as in liking horror/creepy stuffs). Now I have a movie buddy yeah ~

Initially our plan was to see movie at 8:30 but dear me can never be on time, so we had to catch the next showtime >___<'' . 

Tamie took me to this French crepe place called ''La Bretagne Creperie'' . The interior is modern and cute, I love this corner that had this marine theme going on :D


Of course camwhore is a must . Did I mention Tamie love picture taking just as much as me XD ???

The menus had quite a variety to choose from,  including sweet ,savory crepes as well as soup and salad. I got myself a Chef's Specialties ''Malouine'' which has Seafood, Leek Fondue and Wine Sauce.

First time having seafood crepe ever, it was definitely different from those at crepe stand. The crepe shell was made from organic wheat flour, and the wine sauce goes really well with the seafood filling. 

Tamie had Peche Melba - Peach, vanilla icecream, raspberry sauce and whipped cream

It was close to closing time so there was only us 2 in the cafe. The only employee there took notice of us trying to take pic of ourselves so he offered to snap a pic for us. He was friendly and wasn't at all annoyed by us taking our time there after finish eating

Good God horrible lighting, i tried my best fixing the shadow of doom on our faces =_=

Bonus picture of my favorite painting in the cafe

Crepe-making is serious business
The movie was at 10:30 so we had some time to walk around Downtown, I love the area at night time, it's so busy and livel

Saw these Angry Bird Chocolate covered apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate, forever want <3

The theater was quite full for  a 10:30pm show, I couldnt get a centre theater seat >:[ *allmyrage*

Thoughts on the movie . WARNING CONTAIN SPOILER
  • The opening credit is superb
  • The atmosphere was great. I love the feel of old style horror and the use of classic horror music (one of the reason why I'm a fan of Toro)
  • Great visual and camera angle work. The mansion used in the movie is wonderful
  • First half of the movie was good, until they showed the creatures's real form . We all know that what's unseen is always scarier. 
  • Ridiculous fights between characters and the creatures. I was like so frustrated watching those scenes, like omg can't they fucking use their head ??? The weakness of those creatures is LIGHT, which is well awared of by everyone in the movie. YET, no-one is smart enough to equip themselves with shitton of light supplies for defense =____=. 
  • Dissapointing ending. The mains sold off the house without warning the new buyer. Selfish bastards feeding the house new victims.
It was a pity, I had such high hope for this movie ;(. Toro why you let me down QAQ ???

With the movie all done with, we went down to Twinkle cafe in Richmond for some late night snack. Around 12pm the only cafes still open are Taiwanese/Hongkong style ones.

My first impression of the place is it's very bright and clean, with cute twinkle stars deco and the cafe's own mascot figurines

Arent those figures cute?

And here's how I start gaining weight, late night deepfried snacks and dessertss TT___TT. 

Some deepfried dish with fish paste and cheese filling

Taiwanese crispy chicken - My love
Seafood pancake
I didnt quite like the 2 other dishes but the crispy chicken. 

The drink menu of this place is HUGE,  with a lot of original drinks, also including some with alcohol. I had a coconut milk tea with tofu pudding, I think it was around $6, quite expensive but it's worth a try

To conclude my entry, here's my co-ordination that day

Top: DreamV
Skirt: Offbrand
Shoes: DreamV

Until next time ;D