Monday, September 26, 2011

Angelpolis first official meet up

Karen, Tamie, Uzuki and me

JSK: Metamorphose Teddy Bear Print
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: DreamV

After 3 years into the lolita fashion, finally i have a lolita circle ^^.

Even though I've known about Tamie a year ago through facebook, we never actually talked , until I saw her again at Cos&Effect - an anime convention- this year. I'm usually a very shy person to start a conversation with someone im not familiar with, to my surprise it was super easy to talk to her :D.
And after that Angelpolis was formed

For our first official meet up, we wanted to keep it small since Tamie was the only one with a car and our destination is very far out of the main city. We had afternoon tea at this lovely teahouse/boutique place.

I think this is the furthest I've traveled since I lived in Vancouver haha orz..
We even had our own little room

The food was all homemade and very fresh <3. Afternoon tea for 2 was only $24 (drink not included), super cheap ^o^b. Though it wasn't exactly the best i've tasted , I would come again for the atmosphere. 

Top : Scones + fresh fruit+ devonshire cream and jam
Middle: Egg Croissant, quiche, cucumber sandwich and tuna sald sandwich
Bottom: Chocolate cake, lemon tart, macaron, meringue cookie

I had London Fog. First time having sugar cubes <3

The handle is cute
When confronted with pretty food display and room, picture taking is needed XD

Black Candles <3. Too bad they close at 4:30pm, these would be so lovely lit up at night 

After eating we explored around the teahouse.
Macarons towers X)

There's a garden in the back of the place, I think next time I visit here we would definitely have tea in the garden.

Fav pic of the day, white bird cage <3

Leaving the teahouse, we took a walk through the town. It's truly a historical town, fresh air, quiet street and antique looking stores/houses. I just love it there, wouldnt mind living there when I retired haha

Everything in the store is made from cranberries
Historical painting of BC history
Super cool or what?
Its a real house, with really unique fence OwO

It was the first time I've been out in lolita that everyone I encountered had nothing but positive comments toward me. The people in this small town are so nice and accepting of alternative fashion , it made me really happy and proud of my style. Not just older people, even the teenagers were excited to see us as well and a lot asked for photos together XD

Candy Lights
Too bad it was closed :(
Train station
I wanna see the interior but it was cloded too ;(

Concluded our fun day, we went to Nikkoffee for light dinner and chilled there for quite a while.

Matcha milk tea, served in a beer mug LOL

Overall I had a great time that day. I was pretty nervous at first since I knew everyone before but never spoke to them, but they turned out to be all very nice and easy to talk to. This had to be the best lolita meetup I've been to so far.
Little Twin Stars

 Finally I want to share some of the current songs in my playlists . Right now I'm getting into JuJu, she has such an unique and soothing voice that goes perfectly well with her songs. It's surprising to see she's not getting enough attention as some other big artists :/

Dantalia no Shoka ending song - 「yes, prisoner」- maRIONnetTe

This anime has Baby, the Stars Shine Bright to designs the character's outfit :). It's a dark fantasy shoujo anime, totally my taste X)b

So hard to find a HD version as youtube keeps removing the vid :(
Very emotional PV and song

Mononoke ending song, the song that introduced me to JuJu ^^

Aoi no Exorcist Ending song

Bye now ~  


  1. What?????  Lolita is "Alternative" fashion?  Say it ain't so!   That's a lovely teashop, and a really nice town, looks like ya'll had a very nice time.  Lucky you!

  2. It's considered so since it's a sub-fashion style ^^
    yes I did, didnt know about that town until my friend took me there

  3. Wow~! You guys are so cute!!! Where is the tea place? It is so nice!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous, sounds like you had a wonderful time there. *^^*

  5. hi! you all look beautiful. i wish i could go to a place like this with my local lolitas~! i was also wondering if you could tell me where Tamie's JSK is from~ it's lovely, and it looks like it's sea-themed (my favorite kind of prints!!).

  6. Thank you for the compliment ^^

    Her JSK was designed by her so it was one of a kind >.<