Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Midsummer Picnic

Back when the weather was still warm, me and all the girls from Angelpolis had our 2nd official party. The theme this time was a picnic in the park. The location is Stanley Park Rose Garden. I really like and recommended this park since it was pretty and quiet, also easy to access and close to Downtown area :)

All of the food was prepared by our talented members, Tamie made the savories and Gail baked the sweets <3. 

Rose Macarons
Blueberry Chocolate Cookies
Peach Tart
Cream Cakes , arent those animals super cute <3?
Smoked Salmon & Bacon

Cucumber, egg salad sandwiches and turkey croissants
Tamie also prepared her own mix of Rose tea, and Karen brought some Rooibos teas.
It was so delightful enjoying delicious homemade foods and tea while surrounded by flowers. I've had quite a lot of afternoon tea experiences, but this was the best yet. Not to mention we only had to pay very little for all those goodies ;w;b. Tamie and Gail are the best XD

Most of us brought our own tea cup, however Tamie also brought some from her cup set collection to share too.

I believe this afternoon tray belongs to Uzuki, very romantic looking, make me want one

Another adorable item, Alice in Wonderland teapot . After all it can't be a tea party without the Mad Hatter right ;) ?

I also got the chance to talk more to other members, most I've known for a long time but barely had a conversation with. So it was really nice to get to know more about them

Here's what I wore to the party, though I didnt manage to get any full body shot D; *failed*

OP : Pina Sweet Collection
Bonnet : Baby the stars shine bright
Socks : Secret shop
Shoes : DreamV
When the sun started going down, some members had to leave while Tamie, Uzuki, Karen , Sharon and me went for some light dinner.
It was really hard to find a cafe opened around 9pm since it was a Monday, all the nice places we wanted to visit close that day so we had to chose Aberdeen mall.  Was a bad idea trying out ''7th Heaven Cafe'', I had tomato based Borscht  soup and even I'd be honest Campbell's canned vegetable soup tasted much better. Never going back there again, while interior and atmosphere is nice if the food sucks it's not worth it. 

That's it for this post, thank you for reading

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  1. Wow you guys are so cute! Even lolia tea parties are so cute!