Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunny Sunday + Sweet Obsession

Top: Joylife
Shorts: DreamV
Shoes: DreamV

If you know me, I'm a HUGE fan of sweets. I can eat sweet as meal replacement, and since I work at a teahouse I often get to take home our desserts .

I've heard a lot of good things about this dessert place called ''Sweet Obsession'' and been itching to try it out. It was a Sunday off for both me and Sharon so we decided to go check it out. Our day off always started late as we both love sleeping in, plus makeup+hair time, we only made it out of the house by 1pm.

Originally we were gonna have lunch at this Sukiyaki restaurant, but when we got there it was already closed for lunch. We had no choice but to go to a close by Hongkong cafe called ''Honolulu''. I went past that place a lot before but never went inside, and noticed it's always pretty busy. Appearently quite a few people I know recommended this place too.

Camwhoring while waiting for food
The food was quite cheap as they had their own lunch special, but you get what you pay for, it was just so so. What can I expect for a $8 lunch combo eh?

I'm not a picky eater so i had no complain bout the food. However the service did tick me off. There were a lot of servers there, I'm surprised they can't manage at least some acceptable customer service. As a server myself I'm quite nitpicking when it comes to customer service. When our food was delivered, the waitress literally throw the plate down on the table corner, without LOOKING at us or even introduce the item. We had to figure out the dish ourselves. With that kind of service it's no better than an AYCE place, I guess they dont expect to get tipped anyway.

After lunch we took a walk along Main Street. I really love this area, there're a lot of antique/vintage/thrift stores and cafes with interesting interior. Take this one for example:

They serve Ethiopian food and drinks here, as well as fresh food smoothie which was very delicious X3

I actually pictured ''Sweet Obsession'' to look prettier inside though, in reality it's quite neat and simple looking 'w'

There were so many cakes to choose from, I had a hard time deciding OAO''. We ended up both getting chocolate cakes XD. The cakes were yummy and best of all they weren't super sweet.

White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
Neopolitan Cake
All the servers there were male, and the one who served us was pretty cute as well ^w^. Definitely coming back there again

BTW, I did my own nails.

Do you like it?


  1. You are the cutest person ever!! <3 I love your style and blog, I wish you'd update more often! :)

  2. Thank you
    Yah sorry I'm pretty lazy at blogging, Im trying to change it >.<

  3. Your style is so cute and sweet! I love it! I also wish you would blog more!