Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas staff dinner

In the afternoon, I met with my friend Galina to go see Black Swan, but we both forgot to check showtime online before hand >.>. After checking on my phone, I realized of the showtimes available are not working for my schedule , since i have to leave for staff dinner at 7pm. Though i'm very disappointed because i was looking forward to seeing it before it even released, nothing can be done at this point. So we decided to just hang around . Clumsy me also forgot wallet at home, and i wasnt sure that my boss gonna cover for us so we went to my place to grab it anyway.

First, me and Galina went to Aberdeen centre to check out their Christmas display. It was so cute <3, much nicer than Metro town's imo.
Gingerbread house so cute <3 <3

 We walked around checking out stores to see if they have anything good on sale, didnt see any, however thats better for my wallet anyway :3.

After touring all Aberdeen (it s not very big), i still had some time left so we off to Richmond Centre. Saw these super cute Owl handbag haha. Galina has an obsession, dare i call it that, with owl  (strange i know). Arent they just perfect for cosplay Harry Porter XD?

For some reason, we always spend so much time at the pet store. If i can, i would like a pet dog, preferably Husky <3. Cats arent bad, but dogs are a lot more loyal and cuddly imo. I had on a big bow that day with a small bell on it, and i discovered pets are really attracted to the tinkling sounds the bell made. This one kitten really enjoyed my bell and was so into playing with my hair , we happened to have almost exact same hair color x). It was so cuttteee. I can keep playing with it foreverr

When i had to leave for the dinner, i knew i was gonna be late. Good thing i wasnt the last one to arrive ;D. The restaurant was called ''Kirin'' (not the Japanese beer brand), and who knews it such a fancy place . We had Chinese standard 10 course meal.

Theres a small table next to ours, which the staffs use for preparing our food. They would first show us the whole dish on the big tray, then proceed to put on small plates for each person. I've never had servers put food on plate for me, definitely feeling like royalty right there. And also fresh plate every dish ;D

The best dish i had to say was the Baked Tapioca pudding *3*. My first time trying it, after going home i went to look for the recipe online, but didnt find the exact same one ;(. Oh well i can always go there when i feel like having it again

After the dinner, my co-worker offered me a ride (Yay!) . I was kindda surprised since usually she seems pretty indifferent, so it was very nice of her. No walking to train in the rain XD

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