Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long day at work

Yesterday work was very tiring for me, close the place mostly by myself, so when im out the door it was already around 9 pm ._.. Late night bus doesnt run as often, so i got home by 10:15pm, and thats when i actually have a proper meal, a sandwich,  haha orz

Today i work from 10 - closing, a long 9 hours work , the teahouse was completely full too, busy busy. I dont dislike customers, but some are just unreasonable and ignorant. Our place had a promotion for afternoon tea, half price, and today was the last day. The people who purchased our coupons, had 3 MONTHS to come use it, but no, some appearently are just PLAIN RETARDED. They wait until the very last day, to call in for reservation. Note Adonia isnt a big place, we are a small business with the capacity of max 35 ppl only and most of the time only 3 staffs. So they cant just demand a table, when there is none available , unless they want to eat on the floor 8[.

So one guy called in like an hour before the afternoon tea time, asking for a spot. Even though my boss being too nice by offering the purchasers to still able to redeem their money by taking the value of the coupon for dine in so they dont lose their money, and my co -worker patiently explain the situation in a respectful tone, he refused to listen and just keep on complaining how this isnt fair to him and we are being unreasonable, and making it sound like its our fault, for he simply FORGOT the expiration date. Policy is policy, cant be change no matter how long you keep whining , idiot . That asshole, taking so much out of our time on the phone , even hung up on my co-worker, and then later call back repeating the same stuffs, just to hung up on us again. Good thing i wasnt the person took the call, my tolerance of people is very lacking, and dealing with annoying stupid customers doesnt help :/

It would help if people actually read the description before making purchase, instead of later complaining to us and degrade out customer service skill. Why do I have to take the blame when its their fault to begin with? Just because i have to be polite to customers, doesnt mean they are God and i have to do as they please. Especially not with the amount they tip me, fucking cheap-ass, already got such a good deal from the coupons (and big loss to us) and cant even give a decent gratitude. Heck some even gave me a pathetic amount of  2 CENTS. Please, if it only that much, dont even bother to give any at all, its even embarrassing for me to receive it

Good thing the promotion is over now, i can come back to server regular people and not having to deal with shit like that anymore

Pic unrelated, me and my friend Galina at a friend's bd recently 8)

What I wore that day ❤


  1. Poor soul!
    I hate working shifts like that, it suckz.I wonder if you still like working at Adonia?

  2. I still do, now the promo is over, nice ppl are back

  3. First of all, I'm in love with your style~♥ Very cute!
    Also, may I ask wether your surname has any slavic roots?

  4. Thanks <3
    Nah Im vietnamese, its not my real last name XD. I took it from my fav character Russia from Hetalia haha
    Sorry i know its confusing >w<

  5. that outfit is amazingly cute! :D
    And love your hair / make-up ^-^
    I saw you on everyday gyaru, and thought I should check your blog out ~!

  6. First of all, I'm in love with your style~♥ Very cute!
    Also, may I ask wether your surname has any slavic roots?