Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas charity event

December 7th

My mom participated in a dance act for a local Christmas charity event with her friends,  so me , my sister Sharon and Jose her boyfriend are invited to come.

Ive just moved in with them on Dec 4th, after a fight with fucking stepdad. It is him that made living in that house unbearable for me, so it is a relief i finally have a legit reason to leave that place. Though i do miss my mom and little sister , i wished they could come with me 8'(

I spent time doing my hair, trying out new things, but because we were rushing against time i couldnt take a photo before leaving the house. And alas it had to rain that day, so obviously my hair was ruined. I swear everytime it has to rain AFTER i went outside B[ so, no umbrella, had to block the rain with my handbag the whole time when we walked from the parking spot to the venue, my arms went numb after holding it up over my head for a long time.

Thanks to my mom being late, we couldnt get a seat, so yay, standing the whole night with nothing to do. The food they provided were ... so so, i would say horrible but it was free =A=''

Some photos from that day

My new boots XD

My sister Sharon :3

 Outfit pic, i love this washroom so much so many full body mirror with such nice layout *A* <3

With my family :) (minus that random little kid in pink outfit >B[ )

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