Sunday, November 28, 2010

Self Introductory

After much procrastination,  i finally finish making this blog. This, is my first ever official blog, as i am not really into writing stuffs like diary of my daily life, i let photos do the job of keeping my memories.

I just turned 20 in July, once you hit the 20 mark, you start to have that feeling of getting old *sigh*. Currently residing in Vancouver, Canada, where i will probably spend the rest of my life in, because i dont like big changes. I enjoy dressing myself up, life is too short,  look glamorous everyday, is my motto. Even though my style consist of pastel colors like baby pink, baby blue etc, and appears to look innocent, i actually am not kekeke *cough*. My BIGGEST hobby is , horror movies, its the best way for me to relieve stress of everyday life ;). So one might be creeped out when they find that out bout me. But what can i do, its my personality *shrug*

This blog, will be where i update events from my life and my clothing co-ordinate that i find remembering worthy, or interesting. Or just out of poor boredom, some photo dumping hahaha  ;)

A photo from my trip to Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, Vancouver island, with my sister Sharon on the left side <3

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